6 Tips to Fix Unable to Uninstall Program Windows 10 Issue

We can run PowerShell script such as enable apps in dark mode, install apps, remove apps, reinstall all built-in apps, remove OneDrive, etc. In addition, we find a button to access the Script Editor. After that, all the check boxes that will be enabled will appear marked. Depending on the given option, you can also disable a setting. Once you have made your selection, click the button. At any time we can revert them back to the initial configuration by pressing the Restore Defaults button.

If you want to connect to a Bluetooth device, right-click on the “Bluetooth” icon in the Action Center and select “Go to Settings“. Another way for you to turn on Bluetooth on your laptop is via the action center which is a lot easier because you can find it on your desktop. Update Drivers will now launch, bringing up a window with two options. It is recommended that you click the first option and then let Windows install the driver.

Can you split a monitor into 4 screens?

In the right panel, click onAdd a printer or scanner. Pairing a printer or scanner via Bluetooth is a cinch. First, make sure that the device is turned on and is discoverable. Then on your PC, go to Settings (press Win+I) and click on Devices.

From there, you can target and eliminate threats or other issues. This will restart your PC and boot into a menu with the option to open a troubleshooter where the Advanced startup options are. You might need to select your account and enter your password to continue.

  • Go to the Boot tab and select the Safe boot checkbox.
  • You should also be aware that it’s likely that Windows updates will reinstall those apps anyway.
  • Apps like Mail and Games can be uninstalled without any issues if you have no intention of using them.

To get the four-way split-screen in a 25%-all pattern, drag the third window and drop it to the driversol.com preferred corner just like you did the first two. Once you do this, snap assist will save you the dragging for the fourth one, showing the available windows in a grid again. Just click the preferred window to snap it into the remaining corner. Snap Layouts in Windows 11 are a new feature that helps increase productivity and split your screen in the new Microsoft operating system. It’s a lot like Snap Assist in Windows 10 but offers up to six different ways to tile a window. I use a MS Surface GO tablet with Windows 10 OS, .

As we are used to, with prior Windows versions we get various incompatibility issues. A whole lot of users reached for us asking about Bluetooth issues on Windows 10, as Bluetooth won’t turn on through the user interface no matter what they do. Expand Bluetooth, select your Bluetooth connection, right-click on it and click on Disable. Bluetooth & other devices, and then select your Bluetooth device. You should see a battery percentage indicator beside your device.

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To see if your PC is eligible to upgrade, refer to our supported computer lists. The millions of Windows users who don’t use Teams can remove the icon, but they’ll need to do so from Settings — there is no simple right-click, unpin option for pre-installed apps. Those who do use the video conferencing software can launch video calls, host chats, or bring up the full Teams app. I’m sure some will find this convenient, but most Windows 11 users will wonder why something they’ll never touch is featured so prominently on the desktop.

How to boot in Safe Mode with System Configuration on Windows 11

Most of these are no-brainers like having a power button that actually turns the computer on when pressed. But interestingly, all new non-desktops will be required to have front-facing cameras of at least 720p resolution starting in 2023. Also, all Windows 11 PCs that use touchpads must have Windows Precision Touchpads and all non-desktops are required to have Bluetooth LE connectivity.

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