How do I connect the printer and my computer via Bluetooth®? Windows 10 S Brother

If you’re having trouble resetting Windows 10, try contacting Microsoft for support. Navigate to the Boot tab and change the Boot Order so that your CD/DVD drive is first. Another way to repair Windows 10 is to use a third-party tool such as the Windows 10 Repair Tool from Microsoft. Run a disk defragment to optimize your hard drive. Run a disk cleanup to free up space on your hard drive. Check for updates to your computer and install any available updates.

  • Please note that a significant download is required to complete this upgrade.
  • Put the custom structure back if you had one.
  • There are three options provided, which make it easier to find a program in the list.
  • First, you need to ensure split screening is enabled by looking at Settings – Home Screen & Dock – Multitasking and selecting the “Allow Multiple Apps” option.

Rory is a Deals Editor at Tom’s Guide based in the UK. He covers a wide range of topics but with a particular focus on deals, gaming and streaming. The easiest way to turn on Bluetooth in Windows 10 is through the Windows Action Center, a handy utility that lets you access and manage a host of Windows settings. In the Settings menu, click on Devices and toggle on the Bluetooth slider.

Removing apps and programs from Windows 10 isn’t difficult, but it’s also not a universal process covering everything yet. As such, the process can be a little different depending where you got the software from in the first place. Apps and programs from outside the Microsoft Store are where some divergence comes in. The good news is that in more recent versions of Windows 10, the process can be very similar to the steps above for Store-based apps. But there’s still some crossover with the old faithful ‘Control Panel’. Because you can install all different types of apps and programs on Windows 10 from various sources, there are different ways to uninstall based on where you got it from.

How to Manually Install a Bluetooth Adapter Driver on Windows 10

The apps simultaneously adjust to your screen size. Select another one of the app windows you have open to snap it into one of the multiple sections. It’ll fit right next to the current app window. You’ll see different options to split screen on Windows 11. Select the first choice to separate the screen into two sections. By default, some features of Snap Windows, like resizing the current window automatically might be disabled.

We’ll need to do more testing to see how well this really works. Windows 11’s new Widgets are a personalized feed powered by artificial intelligence and Microsoft Edge. Instead of using a phone to check news, weather or notifications, now users can open their Windows 11 desktop to see a similarly curated view.

Finally, Xbox Cloud Gaming is going to be built-in. It’s going to be part of the Xbox app on Windows 11, although to be clear, there’s no reason that that app update shouldn’t come to Windows 10 as well. We’ll have to wait and see if Windows 10 users get the feature. Another feature being borrowed from the firm’s latest consoles is DirectStorage.

Change The RDP Listening Port in Windows – Here’s How

Advanced sharing settingsIn addition, some entry points for network and device settings in Control Panel will now open in the Settings app. As part of the Bluetooth improvements, Windows 11 will now remember if you turn on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi while in airplane mode. Then the next time you use airplane mode, the radios will reflect your preference. Show snap layouts when I grab a window to the top of the screen. On the Power & battery page, the default values for Sleep and Screen off are reduced to save energy and carbon emissions when the computer is idle. Windows 11 will also offer power-saving recommendations to help reduce carbon emissions to those with Sleep and Screen offset to Never.

After searching for that, I ended up on Intel’s website and downloaded the latest version of the driver. After running the executable and doing a “Complete” install, I restarted my machine and the Bluetooth switch returned to the Settings window. The problem is mainly because the drivers provided by vendor does not support windows 10 (this happens if you have migrated from windows 7 or windows 8.1). Reinstalling the bluetooth driver only would solve the problem.

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